From an early age, Mike realized that life was more fun when unencumbered by a strict adherence to the truth. In other words, he learned to make up stories. Be it the size of the steelhead that broke his line and slipped back into the mighty Rogue River, or the glaring new scratch on his father’s truck, Mike was always ready with a yarn to spin and an audience to dupe, delight, and most importantly, entertain.

When he wasn’t enjoying center-stage, Mike pursued long periods alone in the wild. As his brother and father went gold-panning in the heart of the Kalamiopsis wilderness, Mike would wander off with his fishing pole and Labrador, fish or cliff dive into bottomless pools and perhaps evade protective mama bears. These moments attuned him to the deep, hidden songs of nature, and his affinity for quiet observation would lead him to explore forty-nine of the fifty states of his homeland and later pursue a career as a photographer for the U.S. Air Force. This tapestry of characters and places forms much of the inspiration for his books and characters.


These days, when Mike isn’t mountain biking or road cycling through Oregon or photographing the great outdoors, he’s madly tapping away at his latest story. To date, Mike has published four novels that span supernatural, mystery, and action genres, mostly set in Southern Oregon. His four books include The Rogue River Incident, Books I & II, Hidden Beneath the Pines, and his latest, The Good Sheriff. He is at work on a brand-new Southern Oregon mystery set to release in December 2021.



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