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Come along for some fun. My novels are easy to read and engaging from chapter to chapter. I write what I like to read, so if you like entertaining cliffhangers, develop a fondness for characters, and want to be engaged chapter after chapter, buy one of my books, sit back and enjoy. I dare you not to be entertained.

The Rogue River Incident - Case XI  Book I

ISBN 978-0986357459

In 1949 five individuals spotted an unidentified flying object hovering over the Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon. The Air Force sent a team to investigate and were unable to repudiate the eyewitness claims. The event, known as The Rogue River Incident - Case X, remains unexplained. Decades later, in the small town of Rogue River, Oregon which borders the wild and scenic river of the same name, outdoor photographer, Mitch Wilde is thrust into a violent and unexpected situation when his best friend is shot with an arrow that dissolves inside his body leaving him seemingly unharmed. As more strange situations occur, an eccentric neighbor confronts Mitch and presents evidence of potential threats to their sleepy little town. When Mitch captures on film unexplainable footage of something slithering out of a nearby lake and returns home to show the footage to the eccentric neighbor, the duo is drawn into a web of unexplainable events as their small town comes under siege from unknown forces. Mitch scrambles to understand the circumstances and protect the ones he holds most dear. What follows in this book is classified as The Rogue River Incident, Case XI. It’s Happening Again

The Rogue River Incident - Case XI  Book II

ISBN  978-0986357466

Rescued from a desperate situation, Mitch Wilde finds the stakes raised for him, his loved ones, andhis small Oregon town of Rogue River. Mitch’s wife Mabey is alone and on the run, fighting for her ownsurvival. Jasper, Mitch's cantankerous old neighbor and investigative paranormal sleuth, and best friend JackJenson, also return in book two of Mike Walters' debut paranormal mystery duology with Sci-Fi elements.Mysteries further unfold in The Rogue River Incident, Case XI Book II as fast-paced events take theoriginal characters into a multitude of unexpected directions. The invasion on Rogue River from outsidesources continues. Are they Alien forces looking for human subjugation or covert human entities from aparallel universe? Will Rogue River residents unravel the mystery of the forces wreaking havoc in their smallOregon town and save themselves? Can Mabey Wilde rise to the occasion and overcome challenges shenever imagined she would face? Will Mitch Wilde make the right decisions to save those closest to him? All is revealed in the sequel to The Rogue River Incident, Book I described as a novel with…"Great character development, likable characters to boot, and a mystery that justyearns to be solved." (Rebecca Skane, Portsmouth Review)"An original and impressively well-written novel deftly crafted and highlyentertaining by an author who will leave his readers looking eagerly toward his next effort."(James Cox, Midwest Review)

Hidden Beneath the Pines

ISBN 9780986357442


Out of curiosity, an esteemed businessman Matt Walker, concerned by an unexpected phone call he receives from an estranged ex-wife heads to the home they once shared and to his dismay walks into a crime scene. Thinking they have their man, seasoned detective Mara Graley, and a rookie partner with anger issues are surprised when the ex, sobbing but relieved, rushes into Walker's arms. For a short time, the detectives shift their focus until later that evening a body washes up on the lakeshore of Walker's current home. Now the prime suspect, in a race between the actual killer on the loose and detectives breathing down his neck, Walker is forced into a challenging predicament to clear his name and protect those he loves. Walters uses his beloved Southern Oregon as the stories backdrop and keeps you turning pages, and wondering who did it, to the end.

The Good Sheriff

ISBN 9780986357497

Sheriff Maxwell Wilcox has dedicated his life to taking action and defending the vulnerable, but all that changes when he is forced to watch, paralyzed and helpless, as his wife succumbs to cancer. Broken by his grief, Wilcox seeks solace in the wild emptiness of the Pacific Northwest, in Southern Oregon, where he’s offered a temporary position as Sheriff of Jackson County. The locals are kind, salt-of-the-earth people and Wilcox finds himself drawn to the district’s medical examiner, Dr. Heather Stone, whose sharp intellect and friendship leave him heartened—and conflicted. But the Rogue Valley’s quiet calm is about to be shattered. A body has been found, and it isn’t the usual road accident or drug overdose. The victim, according to eyewitnesses, fell from the sky, dropping out of thin air. The facts are baffling, then more panicked calls start to light up the 911 lines… Sheriff Wilcox came to the Rogue Valley to find peace, but instead, he’s grappling with a growing conspiracy that’s unimaginable and born of pure malice. To protect the community he now calls home, Wilcox must resolve the pain of his past and defeat an evil more significant than any he’s faced before.


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