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Have you ever had a Scotch egg?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Please check out my YouTube video on the matter:

Mike Walters Novelist Found Colman's Mustard can while cleaning up his father's shop
Colman's Mustard tin can

This is an old tin of Coleman's Mustard I found while cleaning up my father's shop.

Get outside and enjoy nature.

In closing...

I love making people laugh. The videos I capture while I clean up my recently departed father's shop are intended to inform viewers of the monumental clean-up task I have ahead of me and also provide levity around the sadness over his passing. If I can make you laugh in the videos, I encourage, no, I beg you, to buy one of my four novels. I won't win a Pulitzer any time soon, but I bet I can make you laugh and keep turning the pages.

Please feel free to comment if you'd like.

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