The Good Sheriff Novel Cover

Sheriff Maxwell Wilcox has dedicated his life to taking action and defending the vulnerable, but all that changes when he is forced to watch, paralyzed and helpless, as his wife succumbs to cancer.


Broken by his grief, Wilcox seeks solace in the wild emptiness of the Pacific Northwest, in Southern Oregon, where he’s offered a temporary position as Sheriff of Jackson County. The locals are kind, salt-of-the-earth people and Wilcox finds himself drawn to the district’s medical examiner, Dr. Heather Stone, whose sharp intellect and friendship leave him heartened—and conflicted.

But the Rogue Valley’s quiet calm is about to be shattered.


A body has been found, and it isn’t the usual road accident or drug overdose. The victim, according to eyewitnesses, fell from the sky, dropping out of thin air. The facts are baffling, then more panicked calls start to light up the 911 lines…


Sheriff Wilcox came to the Rogue Valley to find peace, but instead, he’s grappling with a growing conspiracy that’s unimaginable and born of pure malice. To protect the community he now calls home, Wilcox must resolve the pain of his past and defeat an evil more significant than any he’s faced before.