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The Good Sheriff

​A Grief-Stricken Sheriff Searching for Purpose

​A Medical Examiner With an Uncontrollable Passion

​A Migrant Worker Caught in a Web Of Hope

​A Narcissist Who Has no Limits to Greed

​A Peaceful Valley That Can't Contain Them All


Mike Walters' latest novel, The Good Sheriff, is a page-turning mystery set in the heart of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. When a series of grisly murders rocks the community, Sheriff Maxwell Wilcox is in a race against time to find the killer before fear paralyzes the valley.

Click below to order your copy today and experience the suspense and intrigue of one of the Pacific Northwest's top authors.

Book cover of the The Good Sheriff written by Mike Walters Mystery Novelist
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Mike Walters Pacific Northwest Mystery Novelist

I am passionate about crafting page-turning stories that are fun and keep readers on the edge of their seats. I am committed to delivering gripping character-driven mysteries that are both thrilling and thought-provoking. As an Oregonian, I draw inspiration from the Pacific Northwest, infusing my work with the unique atmosphere and character of the region. Whether you’re a fan of mysteries or love a good story with a twist, I invite you to take a journey into my novels.

Mike Walters

"Wonderful characters, interesting mystery, a gorgeous exploration of Oregon as a setting that is a character in this excellent and satisfying story."

C.L., Goodreads Reviewer

Praise & Reviews

"Gripping Storytelling. I found The Good Sheriff to be an interesting thriller/suspense novel. Despite having a few different theories about what exactly was going on in the quiet  Rogue Valley, I was way off. Mike Walters did a good job of reeling me in for the ride. If you enjoy murder mysteries, I'd say this book is for you." 

Natalie, Goodreads Reviewer

"I enjoyed the characters immediately and felt like I knew them. The story has a good balance of mystery, romance, and thrills that keep you reading until the very end!."

Lindsey, Amazon Reviewer

Mike Walters Oregon Novelist cycling in Etna, CA

About Mike Walters

From an early age, Mike realized that life was more fun when unencumbered by a strict adherence to the truth. In other words, he learned to make up stories. Be it the size of the steelhead that broke his line and slipped back into the mighty Rogue River, or the glaring new scratch on his father’s truck, Mike was always ready with a yarn to spin and an audience to dupe, delight, and most importantly, entertain.

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