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The Good Sheriff Novel Cover

A Grief Stricken Sheriff Searching For Purpose

A Medical Examiner With An Uncontrollable Passion

A Migrant Worker Caught In A Web Of Hope

A Narcissist Who Has No Limits To Greed

A Peaceful Valley That Can't Contain Them All


"Get ready for a suspenseful fast-paced ride with murder, sex

and bodies dropping out of the sky." L.J.

"Mix Dexter with Longmire and the X-Files and you get The Good Sheriff." C.T.

Coding Robots dot com determined that Mike Walters writing style in The Good Sheriff is similar to best-selling novelist Dan Brown

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Send Mike an email via the contact button below, and let him know which of his four novels you are interested in and he'll send you the first 100 pages for free.
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