Coming, June 2020

Looking to escape painful memories of his wife’s recent death, sheriff Maxwell Wilcox relocates from the bustling world of a large city to quiet country life as a sheriff. He thought the transition of being a cop in a rural, laid-back county would give him time to emotionally heal and start fresh.


However, when lifeless bodies mysteriously appear throughout the county, sheriff Wilcox learns his new start won’t be easy. In a region where murder is rare, the random appearance of naked, battered bodies leaves his department scrambling for answers. And, in the thick of the crimes, sheriff Wilcox struggles with guilt over an unexpected relationship with the county’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Heather Stone.


As bodies pile up and Dr. Stone becomes the target of intimidation from a scorned lover, sheriff Wilcox discovers the case is more significant than he could have imagined. The Good Sheriff will do whatever it takes to solve the case and restore calm to the quiet county he swore to protect.


If you like a gripping action mystery, you won’t want to miss The Good Sheriff.


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